TonUP Announcement

A New Chapter in TonUP's Journey: The Launch of $UP Token!

Dear TonUP Community,

As I pen this letter, I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the unwavering support you, our community, have provided since the inception of TonUP in early 2023 and the exciting future that lies ahead for all of us.

Milestones and Achievements

Our journey has been marked with significant milestones. It started with the arrival ofthe first check from the TONCoin Fund in August, followed by a grant from the TON Foundation. We take immense pride in being the only launchpad to have received such grants. 

Following this, we launched Tap Fantasy, another project backed by the TONCoin Fund. The overwhelming response from the community resulted in us raising a staggering 80K TON in just 32 minutes. Today, Tap Fantasy stands as one of the most sought-after GameFi on TON, a testament to your support!

Introducing $UP Token

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to $UP, the utility token that will form the backbone of our ecosystem. Holding $UP will grant you exclusive access to our core community on TON and TonUP. We are also preparing to introduce TonUP DAO next year, a platform that will be governed by the $UP token.

The TonUP DAO will oversee the DAO treasury, with a portion of TonUP's revenue channeled towards it. We envision the DAO treasury backing startups on TON, further expanding the ecosystem. TonUPx, our permissionless version, will enable any project to launch their token, with the generated revenue captured by the TonUP DAO’s treasury. In a significant move, 30% of the $UP token will be distributed by TonUP DAO, which will then become the liquidity manager of the $UP token.

What's Next?

The $UP IDO is slated to launch on the 20th, and I can't wait to share more details soon. We've also secured an agreement with a leading crypto exchange (CEX) for listing, so keep your eyes peeled. We have several exciting new projects lined up for next quarter, with some allocations exclusively available to $UP holders.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. It's your belief in us that fuels our drive to innovate. I am proud of what we've achieved so far and even more excited about what lies ahead. Here's to our shared journey on the TON Blockchain, and here's to a future filled with limitless possibilities!

Warm regards,


Founder, TonUP