Exciting News: TonUP Proud to Join Foresight X Accelerator

    TonUP Announcement

    Hello from Team TonUP!

    We are thrilled to share some exciting news: TonUP is honored to have been chosen to join Foresight X’s incubator program, and are equally thrilled to obtain an investment from Foresight Venture.

    With the introduction and promotion of Telegram Wallet, we’re witnessing a realm of new possibilities within the TON ecosystem. We’re thrilled to be extending our support to TonUP, a pivotal project in this context. The TonUP team is notably youthful and dynamic, boasting a profound understanding of web3, Telegram, and the intricacies of the TON ecosystem. Furthermore, their proactive approach is commendable. Foresight X is not merely providing financial backing but is also strategically assisting TonUP to expedite its growth. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with TonUP and offering our support to other promising teams in the expanding TON ecosystem.

    — Min, Partner at Foresight X

    Our connection with Foresight X goes beyond mere financial backing. TonUP is enthusiastic about harnessing this collaborative opportunity across various dimensions, from marketing initiatives to token listing, and incubation strategies – a synergy that holds the promise of significantly amplifying TonUP’s reach and impact.

    We are delighted that after the grant from the TON Foundation, once again, we have obtained recognition from Foresight X, another industry-leading institution. Moreover, we warmly welcome Foresight’s formal entry into the TON ecosystem. The joining of more outstanding entrepreneurs and institutions will accelerate the prosperity of the TON ecosystem. 

    We at TonUP are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in building the TON ecosystem with Foresight X. There is no doubt that Telegram’s 800 million monthly active users will create many new use cases for the blockchain.

    TonUP strives to find the best projects on TON. Moving forward, TonUP and Foresight X will jointly explore more TON ecosystem projects worthy of attention. We aim to leverage Foresight X’s capabilities to help these projects grow. At TonUP, our mission is to elevate others and create a future that is brimming with potential!

    We will always believe in and look forward to the future of TON. We are confident that with the support of Telegram, TON will undoubtedly forge a unique path. We have recently launched the first article of the TONversation series, “<Unraveling History Development of The Open Network : The Phoenix Shall Rise from the Ashes>”. You can learn about the development history of TON through this article. 

    Stay tuned, for though winter has arrived, spring is just around the corner.

    About ForesightX

    Foresight X, as the accelerator arm of Foresight Ventures, conducts 3-4 cohorts annually, providing each startup with $200,000 in funding and a comprehensive spectrum of acceleration services. We actively foster collaboration between projects and leading public chains, and we proudly support and sponsor global hacker houses and developer events. Moreover, we collaborate closely with Open Build, a thriving developer community in APAC, to provide valuable product development support.

    About TonUP

    TonUp is a distinguished Launchpad platform operating on the TON Blockchain, dedicated to identifying and fostering high-potential projects, showcasing new opportunities to the entire community. Since our inception, we have been warmly supported by TON Foundation, TONCoin.Fund and ForesightX. Our mission is to back assets with significant potential on the TON Blockchain and contribute to the growth of the TON ecosystem. 

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