Fast and Successful: TonUP’s First IDO Sealed in 32 Minutes

    TonUP Announcement

    Hello everyone,

    We are thrilled to announce that the Token Launch for Tap Fantasy’s $MC, managed by TonUp, has been a thunderous success! Taking place on August 30th, we sold out in an exceptional 32 minutes, even amidst challenging market conditions.

    This launch event lasted for 32 minutes and raised a total of 80,000 TON. Considering the TON price at that time was 1.757, the total funds raised amounted to $140,558. This is a testament to your unwavering support and contributes to building our collective momentum.

    This launch, followed by a fruitful funding round led by TONCoin Fund, sets the pace for our future growth and innovation. This successfully token launch amplifying our visibility within the expanding crypto marketplace.

    We’ve been expanding our circle of partners, which includes major players like TON Foundation and Tap Fantasy, as well as many other TON initiatives. We’ve recently kicked off the TonEco Adventurers event, supported strongly by these partners. Over 20 projects in TON including GetGems,, Play Deck have joined in. The event has so far attracted more than 30,000 participants and a whopping 100,000 quests have been completed. Some participants are new to TON’s ecosystem, and we’re pleased to see how this event is contributing to TON’s growth.

    On the social media front, we have continued to grow, recording increasing followership on Twitter and Telegram channels. Our linguistic outreach has also lengthened, with channels in Traditional Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, and Indian languages. Our recent strategic partnership with BlockTempo strengthens our stronghold in the Greater China region.

    As we set our eyes on Q4 of 2023, we anticipate a significant turning point with the anticipated official launch of TONSpace, the Telegram-embedded wallet. This development will transition all Telegram wallet users into TON users, ushering in a new chapter for our ecosystem. To set the stage for this, we are diligently developing the product version of the Telegram Web App.

    Celebrating each milestone, we appreciate every ounce of your support in this exhilarating journey. Your faith fuels us. Together, let’s make strides in shaping and growing the TON ecosystem.

    Stay tuned for more updates and keep the cheers coming for TonUp! If you have participated in the token launch of Tap Fantasy, please check here for further updates.

    Gratefully, The TonUp Team

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