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Introducing the first token launch on TonUP: $MC token for TapFantasy

We are thrilled to announce a significant collaboration with Tap Fantasy - an MMORPG blockchain game, boasting a robust track record in the BSC and Solana ecosystems. It’s noteworthy to mention that they are moving into the TON ecosystem, and exclusively with us, TonUP will supervise their IDO. Central to this collaboration will be the $MC token, an insight into which we will be providing soon.


  • TonUP prepares to launch the $MC token for Tap Fantasy on August 30th.
  • Tap Fantasy is a unique Game-Fi and MMORPG game that ties the gamers' fascination.
  • Tap Fantasy has successfully built a solid user base with over 700K users on BSC and Solana.
  • Launch specifics will be detailed further into this post. Stay tuned for critical updates via our Telegram.
  • It's essential to mention that no private sales or team reservations are in place for the $MC token.

What is Tap Fantasy?

Tap Fantasy is a MMORPG blockchain game, with a direct interaction feature which allows players to commence gameplay directly from an interactive web page or wallet. Developed using HTML5, Tap Fantasy has revolutionized the gaming landscape by leveraging blockchain technology.

The roots of Tap Fantasy can be traced back to "TapTap Fantasy: EternalScarlet, Knights of Fantasy," which was officially launched in 2019 by the Tap Tap Fantasy team on Facebook. A testament to its popularity was the swift embrace it received in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, and a host of other countries within Southeast Asia.

Six months into its Facebook launch, Tap Tap Fantasy reached an important milestone by drawing 20 million avid gamers from across the world. In 2022, "Tap Tap Fantasy" underwent a makeover morphing into a blockchain game while being rebranded as "Tap Fantasy."

At the onset of 2022, Tap Fantasy unveiled its NFT Skins that quickly gained favour within the gaming community and marked its presence in the Binance NFT Marketplace as a featured entity. This remarkable achievement set the tone for the launch of Tap Fantasy Metaverse: NFT Game on March 14th, 2022. The same month saw Tap Fantasy venturing onto multiple platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Facebook Instant Game.

A key feature of Tap Fantasy's growth narrative is its performance in the blockchain gaming industry. It currently ranks 8th among all games on BSC and takes the top spot on Solana. Hence, it stands to reason that Tap Fantasy's foray into the TON ecosystem would be accompanied by notable achievements.

The $MC token, an integral part of our collaboration, holds immense promise in circumventing the so-called death spiral downturn. The intriguing aspect of $MC lies in its unique economic model which encourages a steady increase in its price through an innovative strategy of output reduction with respect to its consumption.

Backed by the Tap Fantasy team, widely acclaimed for its achievements in the blockchain sphere since 2021, we firmly believe the $MC token will present a robust performance and mark a significant progression in its journey. The keenly awaited integration of Tap Fantasy into the TON ecosystem and the introduction of a bot and mini-game on Telegram herald an exciting phase for all involved.

$MC token launch details

The $MC token IDO will follow a first-come-first-serve approach with the goal of raising 80,000 $ Tons. 400,000 $MC will be available for purchase during the IDO, and the token price will be set at 1 $MC = 0.2 $ TON. The maximum supply of $MC tokens on the Ton chain will be 10 million.

Launch DetailInformation
Launch MethodFCFS (First-Come-First-Serve)
Launch DateAugust 30th
Token Price1 $MC = 0.2 $Ton
Target Raise80,000 $Ton
$MC Allocation400,000
Maximum Supply10,000,000 $MC
The $MC token launch details.

The curtains raise on August 30th. The token will be distributed 2 weeks after the IDO.

As part of our launch event for the $MC token, we have organized some spectacular features to enhance participants' experiences. We are excited to announce Mystery Boxes' which will contain mysterious and valuable rewards for our users. In the spirit of celebration, we are also implementing a 'Raindrop' event. 

Participants in the IDO can anticipate these raindrops, or unexpected rewards, making the launch not just an investment opportunity, but an exhilarating experience filled with surprises. Join us as we introduce these fun elements to our IDO process and build a memorable and rewarding environment for all participants.

The unique tokenomic of $MC

The $MC token has been designed with a unique economic model that aims to circumvent the death spiral downturn which is prevalent in many blockchain economies. 

The model focuses on achieving a steady increase in its token price by aligning its consumption and production rates. Specifically, on the second day, 80% of the $MC consumed on the first day is produced, with 10% being burned and another 10% reclaimed by the team. 

Tap Fantasy will also set the standard price of $MC for each game season. When the actual price of $MC is 50% higher than the standard price, additional $MC tokens will be  issued in-game to control the price. The amount of additional token issuance is proportionate to the token price above the standard value. As more people enter, the token price naturally rises, creating a healthy and steadily rising economic model. This innovative balance between consumption and production creates a healthy and steadily rising economic model for $MC.

Our comments on $MC & Tap Fantasy

TonUP welcomes this collaboration with open arms. Tap Fantasy, already a cherished name in the blockchain gaming world, complemented by the $MC token, aligns seamlessly with TonUP's vision of fostering growth and sustainable economic models.

Introducing $MC to the TON community will undoubtedly diversify our offerings, refreshing the gaming landscape and providing our users with an enriched experience in the world of game-fi. 

As expressed by our founder, Leo, "We are delighted to witness a remarkable game venturing into the Ton’s ecosystem. The integration between Ton and Telegram unquestionably carves a new path for the Web 3 game. We are more than happy to extend our full support to Tap Fantasy for their token launch and marketing."

Our primary objective has always been to ensure our users achieve the best. Therefore, we are delighted to pronounce the integration of Tap Fantasy and the $MC token into our platform.

We invite you all to join us as we gear up for this thrilling new chapter at TonUP. Together, let's dive into the exciting world of $MC and Tap Fantasy!

As we gear up for this exciting new chapter, we encourage all our users and enthusiasts to stay tuned for all the latest updates and developments. You can do this by following our official Telegram announcement channel. 

Our Telegram community is a thriving space where we will be announcing all vital information, sneak peeks, and updates related to the launch. Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, where we engage with our community with timely updates, interesting facts, and conversation threads. 

Following these channels will ensure you won't miss out on anything important and will allow you to stay one step ahead. Let's immerse ourselves in the exciting world of $MC and Tap Fantasy by staying connected through these platforms!

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