TonUP Announcement

Introducing TonUP: A New Way to Boost Ton

Discover TonUP, a game-changing platform elevating The Open Network (Ton) by filling the asset gap and providing a thriving launchpad for tokens.


Ton has built a strong community and enjoys a lot of web traffic. But there’s an area where it could do better – assets. This is where TonUP steps in. We’ve built a platform that enables tokens to be launched, enhancing the array of available assets in Ton.

Another thing we noticed is that there’s no successful launchpad for tokens. We’re planning to change that with TonUP. Our platform gives projects the right support and environment they need to take off successfully. A better chance at succeeded for everyone.

What is TonUP?

TonUP is a platform designed to help Ton grow. By offering a place for tokens to launch, we’re making Ton even better. Think of TonUP as an upgrade to Ton, taking it from a simple network to a place where assets can grow. Community want more assets, we heard it, so here we are!

TonUP Values and Protects the Community

The community within a network forms its true heart and essence. That’s why at TonUP, we prioritize our community. We direct our actions and decisions towards fostering its growth, engagement, and, above all, its protection.

One of our core beliefs is that high-potential assets are vital to a successful launchpad. However, unlocking this potential isn’t possible without a supportive and engaged community. Our selection process for onboarding projects is stringent and focussed on quality. We carefully analyse the underlying economic models, the potential of the team behind them, and the engagement levels of their community. Our aim is to align with only those projects that show strong promise of success.

Enabling the growth of the community isn’t just about providing the best opportunities. It’s about ensuring the safety of community members as they engage with these opportunities. That’s why we ensure that all our project teams keep a good balance in the DEX liquidity pool and agree to provide refunds in exceptional cases. Through these steps, community members are safeguarded from potential negative impacts.

This focus on safety often goes unnoticed, but at TonUP we consider it fundamentally important. Without this safety, we cannot truly protect and nurture our community. It allows us to build trust, essential for growth and success in the long run.

How to Get Started with TonUP

TonUP is ready to launch its first project in August. To stay up-to-date, make sure you’re following our social media channels:

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Join Our Community Now!

Everyone at TonUP believes in the power of teamwork and community. In turn, we invite you to be a part of this journey and our vibrant community. With everyone’s collective efforts, we can contribute something truly remarkable to The Open Network. Let’s come together and reach new heights with TonUP.

About TonUP

TonUP is a platform on The Open Network (TON) that identifies high-potential cryptocurrencies and provides support for their growth. With carefully curated projects and a failsafe refund policy, TonUP values and protects its community, fostering growth, engagement, and safety.

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