TonUP Announcement

Our Journey Towards Expansion: TonUP's Successful Seed Funding Round

Dear TonUP Community,

Greetings! This is Leo Chen, founder of TonUP. Today, I would like to share to you with immense gratitude and excitement at the tremendous progress we are making - together!

Recently, we successfully completed our seed funding round – an exhilarating milestone on our journey. I am deeply enthusiastic about the commitment shown by our investors, including TONCoin Fund, Foresight X, Waterdrip, BitFund DAO, and several industry enthusiasts, who have shown faith in our vision and chosen to support us in a significant way.

As one of the believers of the TON ecosystem in Asia, we've always had the audacious idea of pushing boundaries and moving fast. This sense of belief is echoed by Foresight X, the key investor in our journey. "With the emergence of Telegram Wallet," says Min, a partner at Foresight X, "we're at the brink of a plethora of new opportunities with the TON ecosystem. We see TonUP as a key component in this revolution, and we're here to offer more than just financial support."

We are delighted to note that the funds amassed from seed round will be strategically channeled to expand and promote TonUP while widening our presence in the Greater China and CIS region.

At the heart of TonUP, our mission to identify and nurture high-potential projects and opportunities within the TON ecosystem remains steadfast. We feel immensely privileged to share this exciting journey with you, our committed members, supporters, and friends.

Your unconditional support and belief in us bolster our determination to work tirelessly to build this dynamic ecosystem. We wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and value your opinions as key contributors to our course.

As we continue to chart the path forward, we remain rooted in the spirit of innovation and steadfast in our pursuit of achievements. In our commitment to fostering an even more inclusive community, we have recently set up multilingual chat groups on Telegram. This new feature is aimed at promoting dynamic exchanges of ideas and collaboration among our diverse community members. Simply join us at to contribute your valuable insights. Remember, your inputs are the compass guiding our journey. We eagerly look forward to engaging, discussing, and innovating with you!

Thank you for your unwavering trust and support. Here's looking at a brighter, more exciting future together!

Best regards,

Leo Chen
Founder, TonUP