TonUP has officially launched the Community Protection Plan

As the newly launched launchpad on TON, TonUP are delighted to have the strong support of the TON Foundation and community. We have always believed that the community is the core element for the success of a launchpad, so we are officially launching the "Community Protection Plan" (CPP).

CPP is a series of protection plans we have launched to protect the interests of IDO community members. The plan consists of several parts (different projects may apply to different plans, please refer to the IDO page):

1- Liquidity Supervision Plan: Projects participating in the Liquidity Supervision Plan will inject part (more than 60%) or all of the fundraising amount into DEX to form LP, and TonUP will jointly supervise this part of LP with the project through multi-signature. The Liquidity Supervision Plan effectively guarantees the depth of the project when it goes online, thereby protecting the interests of IDO community members.

2- Price Protection Plan: Projects participating in the Price Protection Plan set a minimum price protection (not less than 80%). If the DEX transaction price of the project token is lower than the warranty price within a certain period of time (not less than 90 days) after the project goes online, TonUP will process the refund according to the protection price. TonUP will supervise part of the fundraising amount within the Price Protection Plan. Please notice that tokens sold by users are not included in the Price Protection Plan.

Please note that not all projects are applicable to the TonUP Community Protection Plan (TonUP CPP), and we will indicate on the IDO page whether the project is part of the TonUP CPP plan.

At the same time, TonUP are honored to announce that our first IDO project, Tap Fantasy, has participated in the TonUP CPP Liquidity Supervision Plan. Tap Fantasy promises that 100% of its fundraising amount from $MC will be used to form LP with the liquidity portion of the token, which will be jointly managed by TonUP and the Tap Fantasy team through multi-signature. If there is any unsold portion, TonUP will supervise the destruction of the token.

We would like to remind everyone that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and carries significant risks. We urge everyone to participate in IDOs with caution and make informed decisions. Latterly, we, as TonUP would like to thank the TON Foundation and community for their strong support again.

TonUP and Tap Fantasy will be utilizing TonKey as their multi-signature wallet solution. TonKey is incubated by TonX Studio, a globally leading TON startup studio.

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About TonUP

TonUP is a platform on The Open Network (TON) that identifies high-potential cryptocurrencies and provides support for their growth. With carefully curated projects and a failsafe refund policy, TonUP values and protects its community, fostering growth, engagement, and safety.

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