TonUP Announcement

TonUP will be a gaming-first platform | Announcing the new TonUPx

In this fast-growing crypto space, the TON blockchain has achieved brilliant results with its unique advantages. Some features of the TON blockchain, including its deep integration with Telegram Mini Apps (recently many high-growing projects are demonstrating the power of Telegram and TON combined), and its dynamic sharding technical feature, make TON a naturally suitable platform for gaming development. Therefore, after exploration and thoughtful consideration, we want to share our Gaming First strategy!

The Gaming First strategy, TonUP will focus on the release of gaming assets on TON blockchain and will pay more attention to the infrastructures of TON. So far, digital game developers are interested in riding the TON ecosystem. We plan to fund and help more games in the TON ecosystem to help them launch better in the early stages, so that they can dedicate themselves to creating games that players will truly enjoy. Through this strategy, we look forward to stimulating the emergence of more high-quality and innovative games in the TON ecosystem.

In order to better serve this strategy and assist the growth of more early TON users, we are officially announcing TonUPx, a brand new section we'll be unveiling. TonUPx focuses on early-stage and riskier projects. Compared to TonUP, TonUPx is undoubtedly more “innovative”, to take greater risks to find the ocean of possibilities - new ideas, new products, and new assets. We believe that with TonUPx, we can empower more innovative projects on TON to thrive.

In the future, we will use the Gaming First strategy and the TonUPx segment as an important part of TonUP's long-term development roadmap. We are looking forward to the development of the TON ecosystem and are confident in the future of TonUP. We look forward to making more people see the possibilities of the TON blockchain through our continuous efforts and promoting the progress of the entire ecosystem through our efforts.

Overall, for us, this is just the beginning. We firmly believe that with the development of TonUP and TonUPx, we can create more innovative possibilities in the TON blockchain scenario and explore more unprecedented paths. For the holders of $UP Token, we will also enhance its utility and privileges in our future launchpad.

Thank you for your attention and support all the time, and we hope that you will continue to pay attention to us and look forward to more surprises on our path of blockchain exploration. Let's look forward to the bright future of TonUP and TON blockchain ecology!